Creating and implementing a favicon.ico for your website

I’ve seen so many websites that don’t have a personalized favorite icon for their website and wonder why not. If you don’t know what a favicon is look at your url address bar on the top of your browser and find where there’s a backwards red e image. That’s our favicon image, also a logo we use around the web, it’s best to keep consistent when creating a favorite icon. This icon is used when a website is bookmarked, or added as a favorite. Creating and implementing a fav icon is incredibly easy for anyone to do. If you have a rough idea of what you’d like it to be or a logo already and FTP access to be able to upload your favicon.ico file then read on and get yourself one in minutes! I personally enjoy using to create all my favicon.ico files. It gives you the option to manual draw out your icon or import an image file which will then automatically be converted into a proper .ico file type that you can use for your website. Go ahead and Import Image or start drawing out your icon. Once you’re done go down below the canvas to where it says Download Favicon. Locate the file on your computer hard drive, log in to your website through FTP access, go to your root directory and drag and drop the favicon.ico file off your computer onto your website server. Some hosting accounts create a default favicon.ico so you might need to overwrite the existing one. Once you have your new .ico file in your root directory of your website it will start working when you go to your website in your browser! When you arrive at your website with your new icon uploaded and it’s not loading that’s usually because you need to delete your browsers cache or give it a few minutes for your browser to realize that it needs to re-cache the favicon.ico file to the new one.