Free tool to generate links that Tweet a custom message

Need an easy way to generate a link that will Tweet a custom message to a Twitter account? Here’s an easy way, simply type your message and a link will be generated in the second text box. That’s the only line you’ll need. First, let’s talk about messaging and get really clear about what business messaging is. Business messaging is a set of channels over which companies and consumers can communicate with each other. The most common messaging channel is SMS or text messaging, look at other forms of optimization of the Text Messaging Service For Business. We’ve all had experiences with shipping notifications, marketing offers, promotional campaigns, and appointment reminders. These are the kinds of messages we typically associate with business messaging. But business messaging isn’t just one-way and it isn’t just SMS/texting. Business messaging can happen on any digital channel where your customers already spend their time and it’s expected that dialog can flow both directions. Here are a few scenarios that happen all the time: A home security subscriber who needs help setting up their new video camera. A shopper on your website who needs help finding a product and reaches out via web chat for help A loan processing officer texts an applicant to send in missing paperwork to complete an application Direct messages exchanged over social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Kik to provide one-to-one customer service A heating and air conditioning company setting up an appointment to install a new unit A retailer proactively communicating shipping and delivery information to consumers to help prevent an inbound phone call
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