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Meta identifiers are important to rank your website on search engines and allow your website to be found when the keywords that best describe your company and the services it provides are searched for. All of these meta tags are placed within your <HEAD> tag. When you see a listing such as the one below when Google shows you the results of your search.
Google Search Result

Google Search Result

This contains certain descriptive information that have been strategically placed on the website within elements called Meta Tags. The eWebsiteService Web Design Firm, Hosting, and eCommerce is the title of the website and is placed within the <TITLE> meta tag as seen below:
<TITLE>eWebsiteService Web Design Firm, Hosting, and eCommerce</TITLE>
It’s important to put the products & services you offer as well as any geolocators within this title tag if your business is local and not an online store. Think of what a potential visitor or customer would type search for when searching for what you offer. The line below is the URL address of the website and below that is the description of the website:
“’s, eWebsite Services is a complete web presence solution, offering domain name registration, web page design, monthly hosting,”
The reason why eWebsite Services is bold is because that was my search term, it has nothing to do with how I entered that description into my meta tag for description. If your website is properly setup for search engine optimization this description should describe exactly what this page is for and not the entirety of your website unless it’s your home page and you aren’t a blog. For instance if the search term was eWebsite Services web design and one of the results was our Web Design page the description would be relative to all the products & services we offer for web design, so the meta description would look something like this:
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Danville Web Design Firm, Web Development, Website Design, Graphic Design, & Logos" />
Such as the title of the website this will want to include the products & services you offer as well as any geolocaters if your business is local. There are many more meta tags that can help index your website within search engines but the TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags are the most important and without them your page might as well not exist to search engines. Below are some websites that might help you to understand a bit further or generate your own meta tags with ease.
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