Instantly retrieve traffic data from your website

There are plenty of free applications on the internet that will allow you to track your traffic. If the website is without one then optimization would be such a hassle. Without knowing where your traffic is going, how long they are staying, or what they are most interested in how can you efficiently use a website as a selling tool?

When it comes to using a website as a selling tool the needs of the visitor must be met. Imagine if you were a visitor. There are certain images, links, or menu items that attract you most. Those attractive links should be a road map to what the website is trying to accomplish.

Take a look at a few applications below that allow you to realize what kind of traffic is flowing to your site.

These two online applications will provide graphs and data on traffic to your website.

The first stage is to see what kind of traffic is flowing to a website, the second stage is optimizing the website in order to efficiently create an online selling tool. Each one of these tools are very intuitive, however data is only half the battle. Interested in how a website is properly marketed?