How to manage your Facebook privacy settings

Facebook has gone through a lot of changes to their privacy settings. Originally they had such a maze of privacy settings for all sorts of things and it made it hard for most users to understand how to change their settings to suite what kind of privacy they are looking for. Now Facebook has minimized their settings and generalized them in a way that makes it easy for any user to understand what they are doing and who they are sharing their Facebook with.

Facebook privacy settings page

Here is the entire Privacy settings page that you will manage to secure your Facebook. To get to this page simply go to the top right of your Facebook to your Home menu, click the arrow and go to Privacy Settings. Facebook has made this page pretty intuitive to any user and has added helpful descriptions for one to quickly update.

Settings on status updates and photos

Privacy setting for status updates and photos

This first option you’ll want to personalize. It’s the setting for every status update you make as well as photos that are uploaded or tagged of you. When you post a status update there is a way to change the privacy on that update when you’re posting it but this is the setting that will be used as default for when you are posting an update.

Public setting allows anyone to see your updates and will also allow search engines to index it so if someone were to search a term that appears in your status update, it might appear on Google if it’s relevant enough. This is good if you’d like your Facebook or your Page to be a selling tool, or would someone like to bring more traffic to your Facebook for a purpose other then just sharing your ideas with friends.

Friends setting will allow only your friends to read your status update and view your photos. This doesn’t include friends of friends and these posts will not appear on search engines.

Custom setting will allow you to specifically pick who will be allowed or who won’t be allowed to see your status updates and photos.

Description of possible setting options

Most of the security options following your Default Privacy will be Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone, Public, Only Me and for some settings it will allow you to be more specific and choose groups that you are apart of. All of the options are what they seem and Public, just like the previous option, will show on search engines if relevant enough to the search.

Apps and Websites

This is much more detailed then most settings, it will allow you to individually custom the security of each Application, Games, and Websites you have associated with your account. You can also delete specific applications this way. When you first associate an Application with your account, the Application has a certain amount of information that it will request from you so that it may work correctly. That’s what you agree to when you install an Application. This information may range from just your Name to allowing to see your location & posting to your wall.

How people bring your info to apps they use allows you to check or uncheck any information on Facebook that you may never want an Application to access so in the future you’ll never have to worry about accidentally accepting an Applications usage terms and having information divulged about you that you didn’t want.