STORViNO The Home of Transportable & Modular Wine Storage Systems

We recently help launched a website for STORViNO. They create environmentally friendly transportable modulated wine storage systems.

SENSIBLE: Better use of your space, your money, and our environment.

AFFORDABLE: Value pricing for a high quality 10 year full warranty wine storage system. Consider having a great wine opener amazon, sometimes referred to as a waiter’s corkscrew, adds a lever to the equation. This design allows you to can rest the wine key on the top of the bottle to help you pull the cork out.

SCALABLE: Designed to fit almost anywhere wine can safely be stored: under enclosed stairwells, in interior closets and pantries, under cabinets and in basements.

FLEXIBLE: Besides being rock solid for storage, STORViNO® can be your best friend when transporting wine.

DEPENDABLE: STORViNO’s engineering and design is unsurpassed (we overbuilt it), and impervious to any level of moist atmospheric conditions, unlike wood or metal. That is why working wood is so practical and useful, here you can see how woodwork made easy discusses for anyone interested.

PRACTICAL: As your collection grows, so can your storage without allocating more space than you have wine.

TRANSPORTABLE: Take STORViNO® modules when shopping for wine. When you get home, simply add them to your STORViNO wine storage modules. You may want to keep a couple in the back of your car all the time.

ENVIRONMENTAL: STORViNO nero® (black) wine storage modules are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled HDPE, previously in the form of retired grocery carts, solid waste containers, milk crates, produce bins, and beverage trays. See our RECYCLE story on this page.

Visit them at

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