Wysija Newsletter Plug-in for WordPress easy to configure and use!

Wysija WordPress Newsletter Plug-inAre you looking for an awesome newsletter plug-in for WordPress but haven’t been able to find one that works well or that does what you’d like it too do? I’ve gone on that search as well and I found an amazing newsletter plug-in that I’ve been using for the past few months now and haven’t had a problem. It comes in a free trial and a premium version which is great for both parties of those who aren’t aggressively seeking to shoot out a newsletter quite yet and meddle around with it and for those are do have a strong newsletter campaign and would like to merge it with their WordPress system. The plug-in is called Wysija and this plug-in it makes it very easy to get your newsletter started or merge your existing subscriber list with your new installation of Wysija and continue from where you were. When the plug-in is installed there are a few settings to be configured, as with every plug-in, and you’re given a default template to work off with to get the hang of all the extra modules.
Wysija WordPress
Wysija Website
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