50% of Consumers value a brand’s Facebook Page more then it’s actual website

This research goes without saying I’m sure we’ve all come to trust Facebook Pages of brand’s we know much more then the website. They are more interactive, we feel more connected to that brand then going to their generic website that is simply just trying to convince us to buy what they have to offer. As social becomes bigger, the integration with social media and a companies brand or products becomes more and more important. At this point in time, in the year 2012, if your company isn’t connected to social media in someway, especially Facebook, then you are literally living in the stone age. The best possible way to get Facebook fans is to start promoting discounts and coupons exclusively on your Facebook page to only those who have given you that “Like”. Many people who use Facebook Pages to shop save money on the products that they will eventually purchase anyway. With most people on Facebook daily anyway they can view the stream of their favorite brands right before their eyes without having to venture to all the websites of all the brands they they commonly purchase. This make it easy for both the consumer and producer to come together in a way that never existed before. Consumers can now comment on Brand’s and share their views more publicly rather then having to call into an 800 number and listen to more elevator music then actual voices. If your a growing business in the Facebook community and are interested in growing your social media audience faster I would suggest coming up with discounts and coupons for your Facebook audience. This will create a word of mouth effect and lead to more fans. Also try and post at least as possible, make each post make the most impact, the more wall posts the more annoyed Facebook fans will be with your Facebook Page and eventually unlike your Page. Check out the link below. Mashable has made a great infographic visually portraying the importance of a company utilizing their Facebook Page as well as other social media outlets. Source: http://mashable.com/2012/09/24/facebook-tracking-retail-purchases/