How to make an Ajax call with jQuery and display a message on success

Earlier today I was developing a contact form for a client that involved using jQuery Ajax to perform a request on a PHP file then return a message through jQuery dynamically onto the page. I very much enjoy developing in JavaScript, especially jQuery and try to as much as possible within my project. JQuery makes […]

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Web Designer Depot How to create a color picker with HTML5 Canvas

“Creating canvas apps is the new thing, we can even create games with it, it’s supported in all major browsers both desktop and mobile, and that makes it a more viable solution than using Flash.” – Web Designer Depot Interested in learning how build a color picker from the HTML5 Canvas technology? I’ve found a great […]

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HTML5: The figure and figcaption elements

Continuing our list of element education for HTML come the figure and figcaption elements. Below is an article explaining in detail how to properly use these HTML5 elements. These elements are great to use for image, videos, or any type of single media that can stand alone or won’t disrupt the main flow of the […]


Want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript or just need a brush up?

Interested in learning a new scripting language or possibly your first one? It’s always handy to know even a bit of HTML in this technology heavy world. It doesn’t take much time and getting started is always the hardest part. Interested in learning a new scripting language or possibly your first one? It’s always handy […]

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Web development school free, for beginnings to experts

Are you attempting to learn any web scripting language from HTML to JavaScript or need to brush up on some rusty techniques or syntax? Look no further then W3Schools. An online school for free that has in depth tutorials on the very basic of scripting to the most advanced functionality. I’ve used this website everything I […]

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Website Meta Tags

Meta identifiers are important to rank your website on search engines and allow your website to be found when the keywords that best describe your company and the services it provides are searched for. All of these meta tags are placed within your <HEAD> tag. When you see a listing such as the one below […]



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