Excellent Archive of Free Vectors

As I’ve been adding new graphics to eWebsiteServices.com I’ve been thinking to myself, maybe not everyone knows about this great website called FindIcons.com. If you’re into vector graphics then this is the best possible site you could visit. I’ve never had to venture far to find the graphics that I was looking for. Prior to using […]

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WordPress 500 Error in IE with WP Comments Post?

I just realized that a few websites of mine have been encountering this error, something I should have definitely caught early, but I’m not much of an Internet Explorer user past the obvious adjusting of CSS and a quick run through of every website I develop to make sure everything is working. I would receive […]

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WordPress comments not displaying on single post?

This error took me a long time to fix by myself because I had no idea what the problem could and plug-ins happen to play a big part in a lot of what goes wrong in WordPress. I wish had thought about that before fixing the core code of WordPress. I searched Google and found […]

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Importing large files into mysql with phpmyadmin

I was attempting to try and upload a large sql file onto my new server but didn’t realize how big it was until it failed. I had to find and find a solution as to why I can get around this and found this excellent article. “When trying to import large SQL files into mysql […]

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WordPress Tag Cloud font sizes

Interested in adding the tags used in your blog but also display them in different font sizes ranging from least used to most used? Below is a PHP script you can use to display all the tags and a few different values you can change. Using a tag cloud is great for the visitor to […]

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Yelp opens up for public shares and soars 64%

Yelp opened up for public shares this week and found itself 64% higher then the price it had initially opened up at, $15.00. This stock now resides at $24.58 and hopefully will see more increase as time goes on. So far this year has started with the now recovering Zynga stock and this promising Yelp […]

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Creating and Implementing New Templates

Taking a look around I’m sure you can tell that we’ve gone through a remodel. It was about time. Although there were no comments directly related to the previous template, it was just simply too aggressive. I was a little angered when I viewed it. I can pay complements to the red and black that was […]

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