Wysija Newsletter Plug-in for WordPress easy to configure and use!

Are you looking for an awesome newsletter plug-in for WordPress that’s easy to install, configure, and use then look no further then Wysija. Are you looking for an awesome newsletter plug-in for WordPress but haven’t been able to find one that works well or that does what you’d like it too do? I’ve gone on […]

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Danville Day Spa, Wellness Center, Message Therapy, Body Treatments

Essential Body Works day spa, wellness center, massage therapy, body/wax/facial treatments in Danville launched with a new website design. “Here at Essential Body Works, we believe in the benefits of Total Body Work to improve physical stamina and appearance. With a combined total of over 40 years of experience each of our Specialists Believe Body […]

Convert to a Content Management System and save time and money!

A pre-built platform that allows for setting up a website easy and managing it even easier. Get your Content Management System, WordPress system today! What is a Content Management System A pre-built platform that allows for setting up a website easy and managing it even easier, these platforms come with plug-ins and themes that you […]

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WordPress Facebook Plug-in must have Add Link to Facebook post to Page

If you’re looking for a WordPress Facebook Plug-in that can successfully connect to your Facebook account and Pages and post to it. I’ve been looking around for a good plug-in for WordPress that will successfully post to my Facebook Page wall. A lot of the plug-ins I downloaded had either WordPress errors or Facebook API […]

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7 Things You Must Do Right After Writing a Blog Post from Lifehack.org

www.LifeHack.org posted an excellent article about the steps that are mandatory after you post an article. You can find the full article here or the simple steps down below. Linking to other posts on your blog – Find 2-3 older posts on your blog that relate to what you’re writing about, then link to them. Not only does this […]

WordPress 500 Error in IE with WP Comments Post?

I just realized that a few websites of mine have been encountering this error, something I should have definitely caught early, but I’m not much of an Internet Explorer user past the obvious adjusting of CSS and a quick run through of every website I develop to make sure everything is working. I would receive […]

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WordPress comments not displaying on single post?

This error took me a long time to fix by myself because I had no idea what the problem could and plug-ins happen to play a big part in a lot of what goes wrong in WordPress. I wish had thought about that before fixing the core code of WordPress. I searched Google and found […]

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WordPress Tag Cloud font sizes

Interested in adding the tags used in your blog but also display them in different font sizes ranging from least used to most used? Below is a PHP script you can use to display all the tags and a few different values you can change. Using a tag cloud is great for the visitor to […]

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Export out of Tumblr into WordPress

Recently I found myself needing to migrate all of an account’s Tumblr posts into WordPress and knew there must be a simple tool to do this for me. I figured Tumblr might have an easy export option in their control panel but I couldn’t seem to find one so I went for a search and […]

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