Descriptions and Key Phrases

We want to start this process by coming up with up to 10 keywords or key phrases that you wish to be ranked highest on the search engines with. These 10 keywords will then be spread among all the platforms and outlets we can and optimized intensely on your website. These keywords are generally phrases rather than a single keyword because of over population and generalities that come with a single word. We try to partner cities, counties, or states with the service keywords you wish to rank high with. If you have a niche business or an online shopping cart with no store front then using general keywords might be efficient otherwise we try to market to your surrounding geographical area. We’ll work together with you and browse through your competition to find the best suited keywords and descriptions for your pages and services as we can.

On-Page HTML Optimization

Search Engine Optimization starts with the websites on-page optimization. It is not an easy task to make sure that the business website ranks high on the search engine result page. Thus, it is best to leave it to an amazon marketing agency birmingham to perform this task. This can range from the title of your page, description of the page and the keywords associated to the page too how if your images have proper alt and title tags. Every single factor, as small as it might seem, combined with everything else can render your page easy to find by search engines or so hard to find the search engine simply can’t do it. We start by analyzing all the title, description, and keyword tags of each page making sure that is probably describes the pages purpose. Then we look at the content of the page such as the heading tags and your paragraph tags making sure that you have as many as you need but not anymore. Then we check each image to see if it has a proper title and alt tag as well as each hyperlink.

Back links

Once your on-page HTML is optimized so that search engines can find it and crawl it happily we work on the external factors that search engines rank as important. These are your back links. A website can hold its own in the world of search results but why do that when you can have help from fellow authoritative websites or directories? We don’t promise those tools that you’ve heard many companies promote that they can give you thousands of back links in seconds. We don’t link to harness back links like that, we go straight to the website or directory and add it our self. Ten strong and commanding backlinks can be better than one thousand mediocre back links.