Zero Tolerance Online Webmail and SPAM Abuse Policy

Statement of Policy:

E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services has strict anti-spam policies and will not hesitate to pursue whatever legal recourse necessary to enforce these policies. “Spam,” or “Spamming,” is herein defined as the broadcasting of mass quantities of unsolicited Email, which is usually, but not necessarily, sent for commercial purposes. Because of recent increases in the practice and use of spam on the Internet by unscrupulous individuals and organizations in recent months, the resources of many Internet and Web related service providers have been strained to the point where interruption and loss of business and/or business services have resulted. We consider the most egregious offenses of spamming to be those involving the unauthorized use of third party Email sending and/or relaying resources

Authorized Use:

E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services Principals, Employees, Licensees, Licensee’s authorized users, or Merchants will be afforded the privilege of unlimited relaying of Email messages free of Email relaying charges as long as that use of our Email sending and/or relaying resources does not constitute spamming.

Unauthorized Use:

Spamming is an unauthorized use of our Email sending and/or relaying resources, as well as any use by any Entity that is not an authorized user as defined above.

Abuse by Authorized Users:

If you are a customer of E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services, then you are bound by our terms of services as stated in our contracts. If as an E-Paynow.com Service customer or authorized user, you engage in spamming, our policy is to warn once and then terminate. This means that you will be sent one warning that you are in violation of our terms of services upon the first incident of spam. Our warning may consist of temporary deactivation of your account to get your attention. Any subsequent spamming incident that you generate will be grounds for immediate FINAL termination of services regardless of whether or not you received the prior warning. We will also take immediate action to notify the NO-SPAM list server and which is subscribed to by most major ISP’s. We will cooperate in notifying any future ISP that requests a move of your domain to their servers that your are a SPAM policy violator. You may additionally be required to pay Email Relaying Fees. Yes, we do have the legal right to BLACK LIST you, so don’t even think about threatening us regarding damages… The NO-SPAM list server works much the same way as the police department’s NCIC computer to notify other ISP’s that you are a criminal. We will do our best to see that identified SPAMMERS will have a very difficult time opening another account with anyone.

Abuse by Unauthorized Users:

Only E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services Principals, Employees, Licensees, Licensee’s authorized users, or Merchants are allowed the use of our resources for the purposes of sending and/or relaying Email messages. Any other entity is strictly forbidden this privilege. In the event that an unauthorized user abuses our resources for the purposes of sending and/or relaying Email messages without our prior written consent, E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services, will invoice that entity for Email Relaying Fees.

Email Relaying Fees

If you are either an authorized or an unauthorized user of E-PAynow.com’s eWebsite Services Email relaying resources, your abuse of our relaying resources will constitute an agreement to pay E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services, Email Relaying Fees for those services used. Services used will constitute services rendered and will be invoiced at the sum of $10 per Email message recipient. Failure to pay these Email Relaying fees within 30 days from our invoicing will result in legal action and reporting to Equifax or other Credit Agencies for the purposes of collecting these fees plus any damages that E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services, has suffered because of any loss of business and/or business services associated with your use of our Email sending and/or relaying. E-Paynow.com’s eWebsite Services will also contact the ISP from which the e-mail was sent and work with them in arranging the suspension of your account.

REMEMBER: SPAM is theft….