Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

It is a web application built with the power of a database and scripting languages that gives an easy to use control panel that allows the administration or anyone given a username and password to make changes to the website without prior knowledge of web development, scripting, or website design.

What’s the process of getting a domain name?

Domain names are registered from a company for a yearly price. You can start here.

How can I purchase web design or hosting from eWebsite Services?

You can contact us at to get more information. We will have a Project Manager contact you as soon as possible.

Does the fees for the package include any kind of promotion to the search engines?

At this time, we are not offering a promotion package. Web site promotion to search engines has not proven itself to be a viable opportunity for merchants. It sometimes costs lots of money and you get fairly little return on your efforts. Web sites will basically promote themselves through the search engines, however, we will offer information on how to promote your own site and what to do to add your web site to search engines.

Will eWebsite Services help with training or information on setting up and using the e-mail autoresponders, forwarding, and other features?

Can I use just the e-commerce shopping cart?

Yes, we can offer you the capability to host just your e-commerce solution with us. This will allow you to have your web site hosted elsewhere and link to your shopping cart on our servers.

If I cancel my account, can I get a refund?

Our hosting packages carry a 30-day money back guarantee. This guarantee does not include any applicable setup fees.

How can I check to see if a domain name is already taken?

You can visit Network Solutions at and view their WhoIs search, or, you can click here to perform your own search within our support pages.

Who bills me for my domain name?’se Website Services will order and pay for your domain name initially, through our ICANN Accredited Registrar. You will be billed by’s eWebsite Services for your initial registration and any subsequent billing will be mailed directly to your billing address from Network Solutions. Future payments on this domain name are the responsibility of the merchant. Late payments or a failure to pay your domain name bill will cause an interruption of your service.

What is your policy on hosting Adult Oriented web sites?’s eWebsite Services will not host adult web sites. Please see our Terms of Use policy for more information.

What does it cost to transfer an existing domain name to your servers?

We charge a $10 labor fee for a domain transfer. This transfer can be initiated by us and has to be authorized by the Administrative Contact that is on file with the domain name authority.

Can I access my web site without putting a "www" before my domain name?

Yes.’s Website Services offers "true" domain hosting. You may access your web site by either typing or by typing Either one will work.

How long will it take to set up my account?

Your account will be processed immediately upon receipt of your order. It will take approximately one business day to set up the servers and register your domain name. You will receive an e-mail with your logon information, including your username, password, and IP address. It will take approximately 72 hours for your domain name to propogate throughout the Internet, therefore, during initial uploads and testing, you will need to access your web site via the Internet Protocol (IP) address. (Example:

Are your servers connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes, they are always connected and monitored.

Can I use Java or Javascript in my web design?

Yes, you can use these programming/scripting languages. We offer the ability to use PHP, DHTML, JavaScript, J-Script, DirectX, and several others.

How do I upload my web site?

Follow this link to our FTP information page. This will explain to you how to go about downloading and using an FTP client software package to upload your web site pages to our system. If you are using Adobe Dreamweaver, you can connect to our servers via that program as well.

Can I use Adobe Dreamweaver to manage my website?

Yes, we offer Adobe Dreamweaver extensions at no additional cost, although most of our websites have Content Mangement Systems installed so external applications aren’t necessary.

Is e-mail a part of your hosting package? If so, do you offer web mail capabilities?

Yes, it is. Depending on which package you have an e-mail account or accounts will be included. This system is a web based e-mail system that allows the user to manage their own e-mail accounts via a web browser. This can also be used as a POP3 e-mail account and connected to via Outlook, Outlook Express, or any other e-mail system.

What is an e-mail alias and how many can I have?

An e-mail alias allows the setup of an e-mail address such as Any e-mail sent to that address can be forwarded or aliased to another e-mail address or multiple e-mail addresses. Depending on the hosting package purchased, you will have unlimited e-mail aliasing.

What should the pages of my web site be called and are they case sensitive?

Only the "home" page of your site must be named something specific. Since our servers are Windows NT based, the "home" page must be called INDEX.HTM, INDEX.HTML, or INDEX.PHP. All of your other pages can be named whatever you desire as long as you link directly to those filenames. All file extensions should either be .HTM, .HTML, or .PHP depending on how the page is developed. No, these filenames are not case sensitive.

Do you use SSL technology?

Yes, our systems utilize Secure Socket Layer encryption for our e-commerce servers. This allows the transmission of payment data to and from your customer to our processing center via an encrypted connection. This is a totally secure connection.

How can I get a backup of my web site that is hosted on your servers?

We will provide one free CD backup of your site upon request and each subsequent request will be $5.

How many client sites are placed on each web server? Do you move sites to a different server if the given server has a highload? Is this monitored?

We do move clients according to demand. We keep the peak CPU load below 50% on all machines. The exact amount of sites on each server varies greatly based on demand per site.

How often are your servers backed up?

We back up our servers daily at approximately 10:00pm CST.

Can I promote my site with bulk e-mail?

NO, NEVER! "Spamming" is a violation of our Terms of Use and service agreements. There are legal and ethical issues involved in mass mailings of unsolicited e-mail. Any user of our services that sends a large number of unsolicited e-mails will have their accounts closed within 24 hours with no notice and no refunds.

Do your servers support Flash

Yes, our servers support Flash.

Do I have to pay a hosting fee and setup fee for each domain that I host with you?

Yes, membership is based on a "per domain" basis.

Can I use my account for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use your account for commercial purposes. The World Wide Web has become the most efficient and cost-effective means of making information available to the public and we encourage our customers to utilize this medium to promote their businesses.

How do I pay for my account?

You may pay for your account via Credit Card or by automatic draft on a monthly basis.

What if I need more disk space?

Disk space is alotted based on the hosting package you select. Additional megabytes of space can be purchased on an a la carte basis. For full details, see our Pricing Page.