Color Thief: A script for grabbing the color palette from an image

I always enjoy sharing excellent finds and this is definitely an excellent find. If you haven’t already used Color Thief then you’re missing out on ingenuity. Just simply take an image and this will give you the primary color along with all the other colors in the color palette that are used in the image. […]

How to make an Ajax call with jQuery and display a message on success

Earlier today I was developing a contact form for a client that involved using jQuery Ajax to perform a request on a PHP file then return a message through jQuery dynamically onto the page. I very much enjoy developing in JavaScript, especially jQuery and try to as much as possible within my project. JQuery makes […]

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Javascript Key Events with character codes and key codes

Each keyboard character has a unique character code for JavaScript and it helps to not only know these character codes but how to use these codes to handle interactive JavaScript keyboard applications. First off let’s start with getting the character codes for each keyboard button. Below is a simple text box that allows you to […]

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We’ve launched two new tools: Count characters and generate meta tags!

Check out the new tools by eWebsiteServices. Now you can automatically count the character length of your text and generate valid meta tags. I’m happy to announce we’ve recently launched two simple tools for you to use for your website or every day tasks. A few days ago I was talking to a client about […]

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The top 10 stylish and responsive lightbox galleries

Lightbox 2 (2.04) Visit Website Colorbox Visit Website FancyBox Visit Website prettyPhoto Visit Website Litebox Visit Website Liteview Visit Website ThickBox 3.1 Visit Website jQuery lightBox plug-in Visit Website Lightbox Gone Wild Visit Website Slightly Thickerbox 1.7 Visit Website If you need any assistance installing and using these light boxes don’t hesitate to e-mail us!

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Want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript or just need a brush up?

Interested in learning a new scripting language or possibly your first one? It’s always handy to know even a bit of HTML in this technology heavy world. It doesn’t take much time and getting started is always the hardest part. Interested in learning a new scripting language or possibly your first one? It’s always handy […]

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Web development school free, for beginnings to experts

Are you attempting to learn any web scripting language from HTML to JavaScript or need to brush up on some rusty techniques or syntax? Look no further then W3Schools. An online school for free that has in depth tutorials on the very basic of scripting to the most advanced functionality. I’ve used this website everything I […]

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Installing the Javascript library; jQuery

The javascript library called jQuery is an easily usable library and easy to install onto your website. The possibilities that are possible with jQuery with ease of use is unimaginable until you get to use with it. There are a few ways of installing it onto your website and calling the library into use. Ways […]

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jQuery Meta-List

Interested in a jQuery slideshows lists of lists? Below are dozens of easy to install and manage jQuery slideshows. If your interested in any of these below but have a problem installing it into your website feel free to contact us and we can work out a rate. Taking a look around I’m sure you […]

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