We’ve launched two new tools: Count characters and generate meta tags!

Check out the new tools by eWebsiteServices. Now you can automatically count the character length of your text and generate valid meta tags. I’m happy to announce we’ve recently launched two simple tools for you to use for your website or every day tasks. A few days ago I was talking to a client about […]

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Add Google Webmaster Tools to your kit

Don’t have Google Webmaster Tools added to your website tool kit? Found how to create a Webmaster Tools account and add your website easily! Google Webmaster Tools is an incredibly important tool when getting your website out there and public within the public domain and search engines. First you’ll need a create a Google account if you don’t […]

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Instantly retrieve traffic data from your website

The first stage is to see what kind of traffic is flowing to a website, the second stage is optimizing the website in order to efficiently create an online selling tool. Each one of these tools are very intuitive, however data is only half the battle. Interesting in how you can properly marking your website? […]

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