Learn a bit about Twitter Verified Accounts

Twitter verified accounts and how to get one or how to help expedite the process of Twitter verifying your account. I’ve done a bit of research on Twitter Verified Accounts because I have a few clients requesting this verification and all though this new functionality was done in late 2009 an updated article and more […]

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Free tool to generate links that Tweet a custom message

Need an easy way to generate a link that will Tweet a custom message to a Twitter account? Here’s an easy way, simply type your message! Need an easy way to generate a link that will Tweet a custom message to a Twitter account? Here’s an easy way, simply type your message and a link […]

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New service for Danville businesses to grow their Social Media presence

Danville business that wants to expand their social media presence or start their social media campaign? There might be a grant for you for $500! Are you a Danville business that’s interested in receiving some grant money from the Town of Danville that you can dedicate to getting you active in the world of social media? Possibly […]

Twitter has something for us… new Twitter profiles!

Twitter has recently released a new design capability for all profiles! Let’s take a look at what options they are now giving us. You can go to Settings -> Design to take a look at the new design settings. “Make your profile beautiful with a header image. Browse your new photo reel. Check out what […]

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Making your social media marketing life simple with HootSuite

Making your social media marketing life simple with HootSuite I’ve recently started using HootSuite.com a lot for all my personal projects as well as client projects. Everyone and their grandmothers are hooked up to at least one if not dozens of social media outlets including but not limited too: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and much more. When it comes to getting your […]

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