Twitter verified accounts and how to get one or how to help expedite the process of Twitter verifying your account.

TwitterI’ve done a bit of research on Twitter Verified Accounts because I have a few clients requesting this verification and all though this new functionality was done in late 2009 an updated article and more recent one might help those searching for this bit of information as I do. Mashable had posted something a few moments after Twitter had integrated verified accounts into their system and they do a great job of explaining it as does the official Twitter website. Basically, to summarize it, there is no way for the general public to request Verified Accountverification of their Twitter account. Twitter will examine accounts and verify it if they deem it verifiable. If a Twitter account is sought after by many then it’s very possible this account has already been verified. Having a website linked to the Twitter account gives more solidity in the person who owns the Twitter account and will increase the change that the Twitter account will get verified. Twitter Help Center Original Mashable Article