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As there have been many businesses who have bashed Yelp due to it’s bad reputation. There have been disputes of Yelp filtering positive reviews and then contacting the business trying to do shady business in order to get those filtered reviews shown. We’ve heard many of these complaints and have had a situation exactly the same as this happen to us while trying to help promote our business on Yelp and use other technology sources like this checkstubs software. We had received positive reviews, from actual clients, and they were filtered. We were then called from a Yelp representative wanting to speak further to us about our reviews and how we can do business together. This was a while ago, we’re not sure if their business practices have changed but this was very shortly after our first positive review had been filtered, it did not seem like a coincidence, to learn on what happens some of thus business, check this post about Company Dissolution. We had never received a phone call from them ever before or ever since then. Personally I rely heavily on social influence for the places that I will be shopping or eating and from past personal experience. I’ve never checked out a place on Yelp before visiting it, maybe Google to see how it’s ranked within search engines, to see if it has a Google presence and then possibly glance at those ratings. I also use FourSquare a lot so checking in at any one location will immediately give me reviews as well as possible discounts at participating locations. We suggest as a future practice to concentrate on social media more then on circumstantial evidence from people you probably don’t even know. We will follow up later in the week with advice on how to further improve social media presence and what your potential consumers will indefinitely be using to decide whether or not to purchase your product. If you’d like to read the full article you may find it on WebProNews or access the direct article: Businesses Continue To Bash Yelp As Investor Bets It’ll Be Dead In 2 Years