Google honors Shakuntala Devi the Human Computer

Today, November the 4th, 2013 Google honors Shakuntala Devi the Human Computer on their home page. Shakuntala was born today, November 4th, in 1929 Bangalore, India and she unfortunately passed away at a well-lived age of 83 in April 21st, 2013 of respiratory and cardiac problems.

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Yelp is getting a bad reputation from businesses and investors are now skeptic

As there have been many businesses who have bashed Yelp due to it’s bad reputation. There have been disputes of Yelp filtering positive reviews and then contacting the business trying to do shady business in order to get those filtered reviews shown. We’ve heard many of these complaints and have had a situation exactly the […]

InfoGraphic Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

Ever been interested in the 200 of the top ranking factors for the lead search engine Google for websites? Ever been interested in the 200 of the top ranking factors for the lead search engine Google for websites? Check out this infographic by and Backlinko.

Use tools to remove hurtful backlinks with Google disavow links

Google disavow links help remove hurt backlinks that may be causing your PageRank to be lower then it actually should be. Google’s PageRank is simply an opinion of what Google thinks your website is ranked out of 10. There are many factors that go into your PageRank but backlinks play a huge part in it, […]

SEOMoz Google Algorithm Change History throughout the years

Interested in learning a bit or a lot about the history of Google’s search engine algorithms throughout the years?  

How to easily check the search engine ranking position of your website

Use this tool to easily find your SERP (search engine ranking position) with your domain name and even get results of your competitors. Your SERP (search engine results page) is a very important factors to many people. Those people being the website owners, the potential visitors, the returning visitors, the search engine optimizer and any […]

Keep up-to-date with Google changes in their search algorithm and SEO

Are you curious to know the latest updates Google has made to their search engine in the last year? Take a look at this awesome infographic!

New service for Danville businesses to grow their Social Media presence

Danville business that wants to expand their social media presence or start their social media campaign? There might be a grant for you for $500! Are you a Danville business that’s interested in receiving some grant money from the Town of Danville that you can dedicate to getting you active in the world of social media? Possibly […]

Creating and implementing site maps for your website

When it comes to search engine visibility the sitemap.xml file as well as a page that includes your site map are really important. These files allow search engine crawlers to have a finely indexed map of your website, the easier you make it for the crawlers, the more they’ll like your website. Also a few […]

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Google remembers September 11 2001

Google remembers September 11, 2001 by putting up a black ribbon below their search bar.

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