Facebook employees will soon be able to sell. This could mean bad news for Facebook’s already dropping value.

Facebook employees will soon be able to sell. This could mean bad news for Facebook’s already dropping value. As the time draws closer to where Facebook employees can start selling their stock everyone with money invested into this social media giant is getting worried. With the stock now a little more then 50% of what […]

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Facebook Share Rising

After a few weeks of just shear disappointment as the favored stock plummeted it’s started gradual rising. Although no one had expected Facebook stock to do as bad as it has in the first few weeks of it’s opening it could be promising after all. As with most other social media websites I certainly cannot […]

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Yelp opens up for public shares and soars 64%

Yelp opened up for public shares this week and found itself 64% higher then the price it had initially opened up at, $15.00. This stock now resides at $24.58 and hopefully will see more increase as time goes on. So far this year has started with the now recovering Zynga stock and this promising Yelp […]

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