Export out of Tumblr into WordPress

Recently I found myself needing to migrate all of an account’s Tumblr posts into WordPress and knew there must be a simple tool to do this for me. I figured Tumblr might have an easy export option in their control panel but I couldn’t seem to find one so I went for a search and […]

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The importance of a free lancer getting dressed and out when working on projects

It’s relaxing, but I still have the mindset of being home and even though I’m working I have all my personal life around me. Free lancing and personal life have always been a struggle for me to keep separate. I enjoy working so much that when my day of work is supposed to be over […]

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Installing the Javascript library; jQuery

The javascript library called jQuery is an easily usable library and easy to install onto your website. The possibilities that are possible with jQuery with ease of use is unimaginable until you get to use with it. There are a few ways of installing it onto your website and calling the library into use. Ways […]

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jQuery Meta-List

Interested in a jQuery slideshows lists of lists? Below are dozens of easy to install and manage jQuery slideshows. If your interested in any of these below but have a problem installing it into your website feel free to contact us and we can work out a rate. Taking a look around I’m sure you […]

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