Interested in a jQuery slideshows lists of lists? Below are dozens of easy to install and manage jQuery slideshows. If your interested in any of these below but have a problem installing it into your website feel free to contact us and we can work out a rate.

Taking a look around I’m sure you can tell that we’ve gone through a remodel. It was about time. Although there were no comments directly related to the previous template, it was just simply too aggressive. I was a little angered when I viewed it. I can pay complements to the red and black that was used, it wasn’t quite the look for a Web Development Firm’s website. I think the new redesign better explains the comfort that we, as a company, provide to our clients in terms of customer service and products. I paid a lot of attention to the amount of white space that was used. Going for as much as possible to allow the eyes an easy view but not enough that there was simply no content. A visitor should know exactly what’s going on the second they land on a website, where they want to go, and what they want to do. Confusion isn’t an emotion that should be felt when browsing a website, especially a website of the company that will be building your website. Keep this in mind when browsing around for a proper company to build your businesses online identity. Most companies and people have styles and unique methods when it comes to designing and that will usually show in all of the work they do. Once I had everything laid out, what pages I would include, what content I would display I started looking around for graphics that related to the type of content that is being presented. I was excited to realize the time had come to look for those icons that you can align next to a title or paragraph to give it more attitude, a more visual presence rather then lines of text. Being a web designer, I’m a visual person, so seeing graphics aligned with text representing and paraphrasing the meaning of that text brings me relief and helps me better understand what I’m getting into before I actually get into it. Finding the JavaScript plug-ins was the last of the steps before integrating into WordPress and making live. I knew that I needed a slideshow to go on the top of the pages that weren’t the Portfolio page, but I wasn’t quite sure what type of slideshow would fit there. With Google on my side I searched for jQuery slideshows, and what do you know, I received plenty of blog articles listing hundreds of different types of slideshows. I ended up finding this Sliding Image Gallery jQuery Plug-In and it fit perfectly for the style that I was going for. If you need help installing and using jQuery on your website you might want to check out our article. I also decided to use tooltips on the front home page where the services are listed, a good way to describe what the service is without anyone having to invest themselves further into the website.