If you are slowly seeing changes being made around eWebsiteServices then you certainly aren’t blind! We’re starting redesigning the website a little bit every day with new additions. If you need some help, Zenith Clipping is a professional clipping path company. We offer the best photo editing services. We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company in Bangladesh serving since 2010. If you haven’t already seen the revamped About Us Page you should go check it out. We’ve made the page much more personal then the generic two paragraph introduction to the business that was there before. We’d like you to know us on a deeper level and we hope that we’ve achieved that by making things more personal and adding some information about ourselves as well as wacky cartoon style drawing of us.Geoff

Our Design

We feel, for a website development company, our website is quite bland but excels in it’s intuitively and minimalism. We want to happily merry the two to give our visitors a better experience when they land on our website, an experience they will certainly want to relive and we hope they keep coming back. We will be using some new colors, plugging in some extensions to provide better user experience. We will get our hands dirty and spend time researching typography and we’ll get some new, exciting, and unique fonts being displayed for our headers, site title and descriptions. We also want to integrate social media far more into our website then what we currently have. For m ore on having a good website, use this link to learn about what impacts organic rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

We will be using a whole new plugin called Yoast for our search engine optimization needs! We’ve been using this plugin for all of our clients and has been working great so we’ll be switching over from what we used to have which will require a bit of time getting back to top-notch on-page SEO. We might lose some rankings in this effort but we will be doing it as fast as we can in hopes that they’ll be no crawl whilst it’s being done.

Our Content

We’re thinking of hiring on some of our own writers to spruce up the content and make it readable. As hard some of us try to write articles we just aren’t groomed for that sort of work, we are first and foremost website developers and in no way do the two cross roads. There are many out there with the power of writing and with some experience in the web world and we’ll be looking for those to bring valuable content to our website that will keep bringing them back for more. We will be including many more media such as infographics and video to our Blog instead of bland old paragraphs and bullet lists.

The Pages

With the content writers we have it will also help each individual Page of our website explain our services and educate our clients in ways they haven’t been before by what we currently have. We hope that not only it will convert more visitors into clients but also allow any of the visitors to become an expert in any of the services we’ve been experts in for years. We will be taking and creating our own images for every Post and Page to give a uniqueness to eWebsiteServices that other websites don’t have by using stock photos or using what they can find on Google or Bing images.

The Posts

We’ve gone through all the blog Posts re-categorized them. We had far too many tags and categorized and started being a little ridiculous. We’ve stripped down from roughly 100 categories to a solid 20. This should make content easier to find, and it’s certainly easier for us to manage. Along with the images we’ll be designing and taking for the website these will of course be displayed on all future blog Posts.


We have already added some extra features to the portfolio and have developed a back-end for us to manage it easier. We will be adding way more to this section of our website then just the title and an image.

More Interactivity

We want more user interactivity on our website, we want to hear your feedback, listen to your questions, and we will find better ways to do so in order to serve your needs to a greater extent then we currently are. Is there anything you, when browsing around our site or any others, immediately would like to see that would make your interactivity with the website easier? So stay tuned and make sure you drop by every so often to see the changes.