Twitter has something for us… new Twitter profiles!

“Make your profile beautiful with a header image. Browse your new photo reel. Check out what other people are doing with their profiles.” – Twitter
Twitter has recently released a new design capability for all profiles! Let’s take a look at what options they are now giving us. You can go to Settings -> Design to take a look at the new design settings.
Twitter premade theme It’s much easier now to pick a premade background theme or you can go to and customize your own theme! Taking a quick glance at the interface it looks like you can do a lot with this application to personalize your Twitter profile. I’ll explain in more detail how to properly use Themeleon once I’ve gotten a chance to play around with it. Customize your own Twitter theme Twitter also gives you the option to upload your own images, as you should be able too, to your Twitter theme. Check out our Twitter and gives us a follow if you haven’t already and go ahead and start customizing your Twitter! Post your accounts here and let us check them out and we’ll give you some follows too.