If you’re looking for a WordPress Facebook Plug-in that can successfully connect to your Facebook account and Pages and post to it.

I’ve been looking around for a good plug-in for WordPress that will successfully post to my Facebook Page wall. A lot of the plug-ins I downloaded had either WordPress errors or Facebook API errors and I was getting quite frustrated. I’ve seen plenty of other websites that have a perfectly working automated Facebook Page posting plug-in so there had to be one.  You may check out WordPress Collectiveray to find the best page builder plugin for WordPress.

Most of the Facebook plug-ins require a little knowledge of Facebook developing and creating an application on Facebook so that the application and the WordPress blog successfully connect. I didn’t think I was having any trouble with that. Finally after about five plug-ins that I went in depth with attempting to fix whatever error presented itself I found this great plug-in called Add Link to Facebook.

I just installed it but there were no installation errors and I was able to connect to my Facebook account no problem. I recommend this plug-in for anyone needing a good solid Facebook plug-in for WordPress, it also comes with a whole bunch of extras that I wasn’t expecting.

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