A pre-built platform that allows for setting up a website easy and managing it even easier. Get your Content Management System, WordPress system today!

What is a Content Management System

What is a CMSA pre-built platform that allows for setting up a website easy and managing it even easier, these platforms come with plug-ins and themes that you can choose from or search the web for other additions and themes. If you’ve heard of WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal then you’ve heard of a Content Management System (CMS).


How a Content Management System saves time and money

CMS Easy and IntuitiveIn the days before a CMS one had to go out and hire someone to design a template, mark up the template in HTML and CSS and then develop or install any other additional features separately such as forums, blogs, portfolios, contact pages, slideshows, etc. This could take weeks, possibly even months if the website was really robust. The billable hours will just keep racking up. Now in the days of the CMS we can build and launch you a website within 28 days, at most and the majority of projects taking as short as a week to get a theme you agree on, send us all our content to add to the website, install all the additional features and launch.

Now you can update your website without knowledge of Website Development

With CMS adding or editing pages, uploading images, starting a blog or optimizing your website for the end-user and search engines are all easy to manage within your own personal administration control panel. There are more advanced features and optimization techniques which we recommend going to a Website Development professional for but for all the basics, and the majority of what a website owner will be doing, is so intuitive that you’ll find it fun almost off the bat to manage your website.

Are you ready to jump into the world of Content Management Systems’?

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