Are you finding it hard to gain new followers on any of your social media presences? As you can see from our count we were too but we created a tool.

Create tools to help promote your social media presence and followingAre you finding it hard to gain new followers on any of your social media presences? As you can see from our count we were too but we created a tool. We were having a problem acquiring new likes, followers, and the such as well as Yelp reviews from our clients. Personally the first thing I don’t think about is going on a businesses social media pages to write my experience so I don’t know why I would have expected other people too. Is that something you first think about? There are those out there that are huge Yelp reviewers and I’m sure they plant their stake in Facebook and Twitter too when it comes too talking about their experience. Be prominent with your social media growthWith the newsletter we started a few months back we include social media campaigns in there hoping for some love from the recipients but that wasn’t working quite as well either so I decided that we need a more direct way of asking our client to help promote our existing throughout the social media sphere and share some kind words on Yelp, if it’s kind thoughts that they were thinking when we finished their project. Short of being with the client for the final meeting before we call the project finished and asking them to log into their Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp to comment I wanted a way to get older clients and recently new ones to know that we want their feedback. As with our last client I remembered to ask him to do so and he did happily but I certainly can’t go around to all our previous clients’ offices and intrude to get some social love. Efforts to bring traffic to your store through ecommerce marketing and with the help of Cortney Fletcher ecom babes will bring sales, and sales will bring you more traffic. I created a dedicated page that has just Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp links making it incredibly intuitive and prominent as what I want them to do. You can view our promotion page here. As you can see it’s very simple, needs a bit more design, but we’re working on that. With every finished project I’ve sent this out and I’ve been getting more of a response rather then the newsletter or a simple sentence at the end of a paragraph asking them to go to our pages. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to give a like to our Facebook Pages, follow our Twitter account, and get a direct link to where they can post a review on our Yelp. Then if you need help with HR tasks, go to What are you ideas on this? How do you get your clientele so help you grow your social media presence?