“Family owned since 1987 in the same location. We cater to all of your collectible needs including but not limited to baseball, football, basketball, hockey, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic the Gathering cards. We also carry supplies for all the above as well as autographed memorabilia, team logo items, pennants, figurines and more. We are also experts in appraisals and valuations of collections.”

Talkin’ Baseball, a local Danville Memorabilia, Collectibles, Sports Cards store recently launched a website at http://talkin-baseball.com. For so long they haven’t had a website of their own with their own domain name, Facebook and Yelp can only go so far but a robust WordPress Blog integrated with all Talkin’ Baseball’s social media with fully optimized search engine will launch them to the next level of online presence.

The website allows them to Blog regularly about specials, promotions, and events that are going on and relay it to their audience. With social media integrated seamlessly each Blog article shoots out to multiple outlets allowing a very large audience among multiple platforms. The store also sells a lot of product through eBay and with a custom eBay plug-in visitors on their website can view all the items that are being sold by Talkin’ Baseball’s eBay account.

Talkin’ Baseball took complete advantage of the Danville Social Media Grant and their social campaign was completely covered by the Town of Danville. They also qualified for the Danville Advertisment Grant which covered their entire website design as well as a few print advertisements. If your a business in Danville you should look into the Danville Social Media Grant.

Visit Talkin’ Baseball’s Website here and show them some social love.Talkin' Baseball