How to create a Facebook account and Facebook Page

When it comes to Facebook they’ve made it incredibly easy to register for a free account as well as customize your account to suite you the best then protect it from whomever you wouldn’t like to share your personal information with. Facebook is also good for business’ and personal fan pages as an exterior to your personal account. These are also easy to setup and personalize and to share with the world, or just your local town, club, or however specific your demographic is.

Signing up for free personal Facebook account

Let’s get started with signing up for a personal account with Facebook. This is done simply by going to www.Facebook.comand filling out the form on the home page. That’s all the information they need from you to get you started!

How to sign up for facebook

Setting up a Facebook page

Once you have a personal account setup for yourself then you may create Pages for anything you’d like; your business, club, website, yourself. Facebook has strict regulations on using your personal account to advertise for anything else, that’s why they’ve create the ability for anyone to create a Page once you have personal account setup. To create a Page go to the Create a Page section of Facebook and follow the intuitive user interface. First you’ll want to let Facebook know what kind of Page you’re creating. You must be logged into Facebook under your personal account in order to create a Page.

How to create a Facebook page

Poof! You have a Facebook Page. From here it’s a lot like customizing a personal Facebook account. The type of information is a bit more pointed towards what the Page is about rather but the concept is the same. To manage your Facebook Page you must be logged into your personal account. The initial log in will always redirect you to your personal account and to switch to a Page you must go to the top right where Home is located, click the arrow to get the drop down and then click Use Facebook as Page. This will allow you to manage all the Pages you’ve created under your account.

How to use Facebook as Page from personal account