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linksWhen it comes to search engine optimization backlinks are one of the highest priority. Not only are backlinks good for SEO but they are also good for starting to build an audience with those who trust your business and your knowledge about your services because they will start seeing your website other places they visit that they trust.

There are multiple services out there that, for a fee, will sign you up for hundreds, possibly thousands of directories. This is not the way to go about getting backlinks. These websites aren’t a good source for a backlink because of all the other websites that have also been submitted to them. Although it might help a bit you run the risk of a search engine possibly lowering your page rank or drop you in search engine results because it of the basic spam that your website is creating among all of these directories or simply take you off.LinksThe way to increasing your page rank and search engine results is by getting a few, highly ranked, and service related backlinks. Spend some time looking at competitors, seeing where there backlinks are coming from, find directories in your area or specifically for the type of services you sell. This will increase your page rank fast and will keep you there and in front of all your competitors. Send e-mails to websites asking the webmasters if you can swap links with them, or if there a directory, go ahead and sign up. There are plenty of directories that are free and others charge, usually the ones that charge have a higher page rank and take less registrants and if you have the money to pay these monthly fees or one-time charge it’s worth it.

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