The bounce rate is an incredibly important factor for a website. If visitors are leaving immediately without browsing there’s something wrong.

As I recently reviewed our bounce rate it was much higher then I’d like to admit and it certainly wasn’t acceptable. As I navigate my website trying to act as unknowing of the website as possible finding where a new visitor might be lost or thrown off. This auspicious moment got me realizing that the home page is pretty direct with the three featured columns and overwhelming at the least. It doesn’t give the new visitor much of another choice and certainly won’t navigate below that to where the less intense service table with multiple services, very little text, and no demanding form, if he/she happens to scroll down that might just be too much to understand easy to back up with an overwhelming haste.

The problem

There was way too much on full home page and above the fold was too demanding and too much content for a new comer to want to be presented with. If I were to navigate to another website and see a form right there I’d be a bit turned off, I wasn’t given enough time to become comfortable with this new website I’ve found and I’m already being told to fill out a form or take a demanding call to action.

The solution

Clean up the home page, give the visitor a bit more time to get acquainted and get a feeling for what we do without being asked to do anything too dramatic. As I would like on any website is no clutter when I land on there, the less clutter the better I, or anyone, will ultimately feel. When there eyes hit nice visuals and only a few detailed words to explain our services no one will feel like backing out too soon. They’d like to know more about some of these services, maybe read some blog articles on them, after all they’ve found us through searching for a company like us.

The conclusion

With the three call to actions gone and a simple, calming, table to push the idea of what services we offer on the website I, and others, will be much more comfortable moving on through the website at there own pace and contacting us if only they’d like too.

I’ll be back to report on how our bounce rate is doing next week… does anyone else have suggestions when they visit this website what might turn them or someone else off immediately?