Bounce RateYour bounce rate is incredibly important factor when it comes to website performance. There are many things that could be effecting your bounce rate from load time to nothing that immediately grabs the visitors interest on page inception. If your bounce rate is over 25% you should definitely consider changing a few things about your website so that no more then 1/4 of every person who visits your website leave automatically and the other 3/4 actually spend time adventuring throughout your website.

Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Watch has a great article on 20 things they suggest that you do to better optimize your website for bounce rate performance which will ultimately lead to more visitor conversions or simply a large fan base. I’ll list the 20 items here but to get a more detailed explanation on each of these tips I’d strongly recommend visiting the article at Search Engine Watch – Reduce Bounce Rate 20 Things To Consider.

  1. You Should Probably Avoid Pop-ups
  2. Use Intuitive Navigation for Important Items
  3. Poor Design is Increasingly Less Tolerable
  4. Speed
  5. Is Your Website Mobile Usable
  6. Design Information Around Priorities
  7. Segment Information
  8. Optimize For Intent
  9. Be Mindful of Ad Placement
  10. Lazy Load Third Party Content
  11. Color Contrast
  12. Messaging is Blatantly Obvious
  13. Cut Out Distractions
  14. Offer Related Content Based on Personas
  15. Leverage Internal Search
  16. Open External Links in New Windows
  17. Prominently Display Your Search Box
  18. Offer a Helpful 404 Page
  19. Keep it Readable
  20. Split Up Long Posts