Why does organic SEO take so long?

Think of it as starting a new job. You are hired based on the fact that qualifications match what the employer needs. Your resume looks good. Everyone expects you to do well, but no one knows if you actually will. A few months go by. You do your job well, you show up on time, you are friendly with your subordinates and before you know it they start trusting you. You are the person they expect to show up on time and get your work done quickly and efficiently. You worked hard for your reputation and it starts paying off. A few more months go by. You are late one day and… it’s no big deal! Your reputation is strong enough to back you up. When the site is first found (indexed) by Google, it’s a just a new employee. All Google knows is that the content of the site matches certain search criteria. But without that long-term earned trust, why should Google push it to the top? It sometimes will – when there’s no competition. There’s an intricate process of determining whether a site can be trusted or not. It involves checking site’s domain age, how long before the domain expires, how many quality back links it has, etc. All these different measures put together are known as a site PR, or Site Rank. No wonder Google prefers Barns & Noble to Joe’s Book Store – Barns & Noble has been around for a while and gained a solid reputation which translates into PR 8. We all know Joe’s Book Store needs promotion and high ranking in search results way more than Barns & Noble, but the reality is – it needs to gain that trust first. So that’ s all there’s to it. New sites need solid content (or product), regular updates and above all – patience. We at eWebsite Services encourage our customers to work with us on improving their organic SEO for at least 6 months. It takes at least that long to see some solid results in local searches and beginning of some positive development in regional or global SERPs.