Our communication plan achieves a more successful content strategy

This last year I’ve been trying to develop a new and different strategy for our content creation. Each has it’s ups and downs but until recently none has had quite as much success as my recent, seemingly obvious, solution. My goal has always been to produce at least three articles a week in different categories. Not all the content is completely original. Some days I simply don’t have the creative process to come up with something original but in that case I have plenty of interesting articles archived to help get my creative juices flowing or simply base an article off another article, tutorial, or free archive of goodness.

Get your free PSDs and actions for Adobe Photoshop mockups

I’ve found a great archive of free PSDs and actions for your Adobe Photoshop mockups! Take a look at this and get your design on. It has everything from full photoshop template mockups down to partial image designs that you can include in any type of design project you might have

Use CSS to count elements on your page and display the number or step

Do you have a website that contains a lot of lists or possibly your just making the one list and would like to make it as stylish as possible while still keeping scripting down to a minimum? Read ahead and you’ll learn an easy way to count elements on your page then append or prepend text to those elements allow you to give them numbers or captions easily!

Use tools to remove hurtful backlinks with Google disavow links

Google’s PageRank is simply an opinion of what Google thinks your website is ranked out of 10. There are many factors that go into your PageRank but backlinks play a huge part in it, probably more so then a lot of the other factors.