There are a few things we expect of a client when starting a web presence for them. Images & content are important for the client to gather.

Starting a new project with a client should be an adventurous and fun task for both parties it shouldn’t be conflicted with expectations that weren’t talked about at the beginning, expectations of both parties. When it comes down too it the developer should definitely be doing most of the work in terms of developing the platform, designing the template, suggesting social media integrations and helping with the site map & content. We, at eWebsiteServices, like to make things as easy as possible for the client when it comes down to updating or launching a web presence for them on whichever platform that may be. Throughout the years we’ve come across complications with clients when it comes too content and images and we’ve learned over time to give clients a nice list of tasks for them to work on and ultimately make the development and launch of the website easier. When a project is set before us we ask of the client a few things to make the entire process go more smoothly. A lot of people who want websites don’t understand a few things that can make them angry that they now can’t have it or that something didn’t look as they thought it would or as high quality as it should be. We’ve generated a list of tasks that clients should be on top of while the developer is doing their thing. Clients should already have or be working on getting images for their websites. Whether this be biography images, storefront images, product images, or page-relative images to make any page more visual. Unless you’re paying your developer to specifically go out and take images, which we wouldn’t recommend since developers aren’t photographers or a professional. You should make sure that you are in charge of the images and that these images are high quality, at least 1920 x 1080 in resolution otherwise it’ll bring down the entire quality of the website. Along with images, content is very important for the client to gather for the developer. This content should, preferably, be in a Word document so that it’s easy for the developer to copy and paste the content from the document to the website without having to retype, spellcheck, or format it. Having the developer do any tasks with the content other than copying and pasting could lead to small disputes on misspelled words, incorrect formatting, or if you’re having the developer type your content it won’t be nearly as personalized as it could be. We highly recommend you not to use the developer like this, just as we suggested against it when it came to images, this isn’t the developer’s job. However, if your developer is also the one helping manage your search engine optimization then after the content is written by you then you and the developer should work on it together with the addition of adding keywords and key phrases to help rank your Pages better and optimized for search engine bots. Let’s make building an online presence as hassle free as possible! People frequently confuse temporary work with part-time work, but there are significant differences between these two types of employment. To find out the meaning of temp jobs, check out Perelson’s article.