This local Danville, CA business took advantage of Danville business grants and were able to receive website design, seo, and social media for free!

We’ve sure been busy this last month! We present you with another recently finished client project for a local Danville music studio by the name of Music Corner. They are located right across from Lunardi’s on 390 Railroad Ave and are excited to be getting new clientele. For more on business smart handling you should check now this blog post at iKooru business AI. We set them up with a WordPress and a simplistic elegant design that the owner just fell in love with. They were able to take advantage of two grants that Danville offers to it’s business residents. They were approved for both the Danville Business Incentive grant which helped them with building a brand new website, developing content, and help organize a marketing plan to set forth all of this to prospective clientele. They were also approved for the Danville Social Media Grant which allowed them to put some free money into their social media presence as well as help integrate their social media presence into their website for better all around user experience. Music Corner will be a place for events too such as poetry which they’ve already announced will be their first event this early May and they’ve taken full advantage of their blog and integrated social media to let everyone know that this event will be coming up. Check out and don’t forget to check out their blog to learn of their upcoming events. Music Corner