Excel spreadsheet communication plan for better blogging article archives. Make it easy to write about a unique subject every day!

Traffic went down the pooperAs I check our analytics I see that Feburary was our lowest traffic month, coincidentally, that was also the month we posted the least articles about anything. I’m not a rocket scientist or anything but that has a weirdly similar pattern. The next few months I started writing articles more often then I have ever have done and thus traffic starts picking up, this is SEO 101 obviously, but to see the actual numbers in action is something worth experiencing to truly get that dedicated communication plan an ever day activity. As the archive grew larger and larger it was harder to come with new topics to write about so I took some time to think how I could make it easier for myself by the use of the computer. Being someone who writes computer scripts to make my day-to-day life easier I thought I could probably apply that to now, which I could, and I did. I opened up an Excel spreadsheet and started naming some columns. I started with TitleDescriptionLinkDate, and New. Most of what I write about is either a critique on something else, a helpful link to a very helpful tool, ideas I get when reading other articles or in this case something that I did that made my life generally easier. So these columns would fill up with a link to someone else’s article with a title and description I could use, whether I’ve already used it and the date that I found it. I usually try to come up with my own material but in case I can’t think Agendaof anything I have a nice excel archive of relatable material. On the second tab of the Excel spredsheet I’ve given myself a calendar which tells me what topic I will be posting on which day. This makes basically half the work already done. When I get into the office I check my Excel spreadsheet for my topic, if I can’t think of anything original, I’ll tab one on to the left and look at some interesting articles I’ve recently read. Have any better ways to come up with articles on the daily? I’d like to here them.